interior design

This project is located in a very special building, one of the most significant historical monuments of Cluj, the old home of the customs (Tricesima). The current building stands from 1890 and was also where the bourgeois casino held it’s meetings. This office space used to be a service area of the main building. It is located on the 2nd floor and the only way up there is through a narrow spiral staircase, that has an entirely special atmosphere. Part of the brief was to emphasize this character, to fully express the building’s age and to keep visitors entertained on the long way up (there’s 56 steps). One way to do this was drawing inspiration from the mythical characters on the main facade and decorations we found on the main floor of the building. In the actual office we cleared up some previous compartments, created a new bathroom and kitchen area and most importantly opened a new door. New workplaces always require new electrical systems, so that was entirely replaced as well. The furniture is simple and functional. Then the final touch was added by the murals that decorate the main working areas and the access stairs. 


PROGRAM: interior design

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 65 sqm


YEAR: 2019

COLLABORATORS: constructions-Iluminis; lamps-Eglo; kitchen-Ikea; murals-Kero Zen

PHOTO: Alexandru Sava