interior design

This IT company located in Cluj faces a very dynamic expansion, so as they needed to accommodate more people, they also took up more space. Two rented apartments had to be opened together and all the workstations reorganized. All spaces except the bathrooms have been completely re-designed from the floors, to the wall surfaces and ceilings. The fixed furniture is custom made, the tables, wardrobe and small accessories are from Ikea.

It was an elementary requirement that all interventions have to be undone should the company ever move out. The new floor has the highest visual impact due to its sheer surface. It is made up of carpet tiles that are glued to the existing ceramic tiles. There are six different models of carpet, but it was difficult to negotiate all the corners so we decided to lay out everything at 45-degrees to visually reduce the impact of the irregularities of the rooms and not have to worry about walls that aren’t square. Then it was logical that the ceiling will follow the same 45-degree layout. It is made up of perforated steel panels with the lighting fixtures woven between them. The zig-zag shape of the lights will hopefully give a very interesting dynamic to the workspaces. Levente Zöld is a graphic designer, he is the author of the mural paintings. There is a thematic approach to the murals, in connection with the names that the four workspaces will be given. The former door-frames will be covered with new panels painted the same color as the carpet tiles in the respective spaces.

Natural elements had to be also incorporated, in the form of plants, birch tree logs and hardwood panels on certain wall surfaces. The 45-degrees layout is also preserved along the newly opened corridor as a unifying element over the two former apartments.

The guys had an active involvement in the design phase and during the implementation. They also spared no expenses to achieve a look as close to the 3D renderings as possible. The project is due to be complete in June 2016.


PROGRAM: interior and furniture design, new finishes, custom details for a young and dynamic office crew

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 180 sqm


YEAR: 2016

COLLABORATORS: constructions-Policonstructii; furniture-Terminus; lamps-Lux Line; tables-Ikea; carpets-Stadtconstruct; graffiti-Levente Zöld