apartment interior design

The apartment belongs to a young couple of newlyweds who just moved in together. The interior design of their new place was a chance to discover what each of them thought about how living space should be. They found out that they were not always on the same page, and the compromises they had to reach, led to a design that was simple and sufficient for their needs.

One main theme of the project was to maximize the storage space without suffocating the whole apartment. For this reason the guest bathroom was turned into a pantry and the entrance hallway has built-in closets. The bed itself is a storage platform with many drawers.

In the bathroom, the bathtub was switched in the last minute with a big shower with no doors.This, along with the diverse color scheme, made the bathroom look more vibrant and better organized despite the small size. The color palette is unitary throughout the whole space by combining different shades of green, blue and yellow. In the meantime, the two tenants, which have since become three, designed the baby room in accordance with the rest of the apartment.


PROGRAM: interior finishes, furniture layout and design

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 60 sqm


YEAR: 2014-2015