extension of a single-family house

The main part of this house was built in the 1940s with a few decorative elements of ‘art deco’ style, that didn’t give it any protected status but it did have a certain attractive look and did show a kind of attention that was intriguing. So the project became a good opportunity to experiment with creating decorative textures to accentuate the characteristic areas of the existing facades: around the windows, at the corners, under the roofline. The textures were created with a number of usual tools: a larger and a smaller broom, tile spreaders with different teeth, sponge etc. 

The house was also extended with a new part for a large kitchen/dining area and two smaller bedrooms upstairs. This new part is covered mostly with locally produced fibercement tiles in a ventilated system. The tuned down color scheme enhances the house’s elegant ‘Scandinavian’ vibe. 


PROGRAM: Extension of single-family house

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 234 sqm

LOCATION: Sf. Gheorghe, Covasna county, Romania

YEAR: 2017-2019

COLLABORATORS: Structure: V&V PROJEKT SRL – arh. VARGA Szabolcs, Installations: VIS PROIECT – arh. HALMÁGYI Zsolt