historical restoration and contemporary interior

A historical house from Cluj was delivered on the one hand back to the city through the reconstitution of it’s exterior according to it’s initial image. On the other hand the house was delivered to a young family through the interior design with the contemporary level of comfort. The modernity of contemporary living had to be overposed and to create a dialogue with the charming background of one of the first bourgeois villas on Fortress Hill/Cetățuia, built at the end of the 19th century.

The intervention on the house led to the extension of the used space at the underground level and in the attic by creating the night-zone with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Two greenhouses open each bedroom to the backyard. At the ground level the day-zone is divided into two spaces: one for the kitchen with a dining room, and the other for the living room. In the communist period the house was divided in two properties which made the intervention more delicate in order not to affect the other part of the house.


PROGRAM: structural consolidations, new attic space, complete exterior restoration

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 300 sqm


YEAR: 2013-2016

COLLABORATORS: structure-Virág Jácint, Cluj; windows reconstructions, furniture – Terminus, Cluj; metal works – Florin Magda, Alba Iulia

MURALS: Kero & Ocu