single-family house

The site is in a very special place, a village of a few hundred people that prouds itself with no less than 14 protected buildings, listed as monuments. From this point of view it is essential to conserve a consistent and historically faithful overall image of the settlement.

However, this house actually fits in the lines of the less important and representative, simple rural dwellings. That determines the positioning of the volume, the ridge perpendicular to the street, the two windows on the front, a tall cellar that the rest of the house sits upon etc. At the same time, we wanted to bring some contemporary elements into the architecture and ultimately into the lifestyle of the future residents. So the volume opens up a lot more to the back garden (a 1,000 sqm orchard on the south side, running up a slope), the large volume is broken into two, similarly proportioned ones and there is an articulating strip of glass to mark the main entrance area.


PROGRAM: new house in a very conservative rural area

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 300 sqm

LOCATION: Bicfalau/Bikfalva, Covasna [RO]

YEAR: 2013-2015