family house interior

After the birth of their children, the owners decided to redesign their home in a style more suitable for their own aesthetic. The project was implemented in multiple phases as the owners didn’t want to move out of the house for a long period of time. The house has a surface of 350 sqm occupying 4 levels : basement, ground floor, first floor and attic.
Wood is the most present material throughout the house in different proportions accompanied by a great diversity of materials in order to create various textures such as Bolon carpet for floors and walls, cement tiles with geometric patterns, cut-out furniture patterns and walls covered with lichens. At the first floor, in the matrimonial bedroom, there was created a topographic texture made out of cubes of different sizes and colors. One of the children’s bedroom emphasizes the ceiling’s area through a geometric wallpaper. The other bedroom expresses a passion for cosmos through a constellations map cut-out of the furniture doors.
The attic, which represents, in fact, the first phase of the project, was reconverted into a spacious playroom for the two children. The parents wanted a space suitable for the kids now but it can also be appropriately used in the future. We aim to create a calm and creative environment for playing, where they can gradually discover new functions and experience new things. The main intervention was a multi-functional furniture dividing the playroom and the children’s dining room, which incorporates storage spaces for toys, bookcase, hiding places and a stair leading to a “tree house”. The storage-spaces were positioned in the lower part, making them accessible for the kids, so they can reach their toys easily but especially to encourage them to put them back after playing with them. One of the walls became a huge blackboard with a permanent drawing on the upper part made by artist Alina Bradu.


PROGRAM: redesigning the interior and furniture

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 350 sqm


YEAR: 2013-2016

COLLABORATORS: general contractor-Policonstructii; furniture, panels, stairs-Terminus; carpet-Dacca; lamps-Lux Line; mural-Alina Bradu