private hospital interior design

Built in a large orchard, in Suceagu, 8 km outside of Cluj, Polaris Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals around Cluj. We were involved in the interior design of the communal places and patients’ rooms. Our aim was to distance from the traditionally white and cold image of the hospital space, and to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Colour and light are the main elements of the design, as we considered important to provide visual interest (one neutral color can create a monotonous atmosphere, with little visual stimulation). HPL panels with wooden texture were used along with green colour – that soothes, yellow colour – that inspires optimism, and gray as a neutral colour. The long corridor was segmented by interposing wooden panels and the asymmetry between green and white was speculated to help the patients in orientation.

The wood like texture was a key element of the common areas to make them more welcoming. All these areas were designed to encourage socialization between patients, including various pieces of furniture that make a domestic atmosphere (library, armchairs). The restaurant used daily by patients but also by staff and visitors, has a varied arrangement of tables for 4 people and tables of 10 people, all in order to stimulate contact between patients.


PROGRAM: complete interior design of all non-medical spaces: the patient’s suites, lobbies, multifunctional hall and cafeteria, chromatics, display systems

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 3000 sqm

LOCATION: Suceagu, Cluj (RO)

YEAR: 2014-2015

COLLABORATORS: interior constructions-Policonstructii, Total Quality; furniture-Zigman; signage-Reset Media; lamps-Lux Line