interior design

The brief of this project asked for a visually engaging and stimulative environment that would infuse the office with a specific character. The large glazings on both sides determined the functional layout with all closed spaces grouped in the middle. The main elements like ceiling, cabinets, as well as smaller items like custom-made pieces of furniture, textiles, wallpaper, decorations are all derived from the same aesthetic concept of geometrical patterns, white/grey/yellow colours and a handful of honest materials.

PROGRAM: interior design 

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 137 sqm


YEAR: 2023

COLLABORATORS: constructor – Creativbau; installations – Kemp Proiect; carpets – Perpetuum; glass partitions – K-Glass; lighting – Ecoledlight Solutions; furniture – PacUni Power;  print – Narativo.

PHOTO: Miruna Moldovan, Hunor Bako (viewcathers)