Atelier MASS is an architectural studio based in Cluj (RO), established in March 2011. It was formed by a team of architects who shared the same passion for projects that expand the boundaries of professional practice and have been working together on competitions for several years. Based on former multidisciplinary experience, our designing work seeks open collaborations with people from other fields to achieve better solutions. Furthermore we are personally involved in different areas connected with architecture. Our guideline is the common interest in researching the Romanian urban environment and identifying small scale ways to improve it, as well as the future trends of development that will shape our on/offline environment.

Silviu Aldea


Camelia Sisak


Tamás Sisak


Robert Vasiluț

Junior Architect

Former members and interns


Cristian Cătană

A harmonious blend of design and function, that was the direction of transformation for our apartment. From the start we emphasized the fact that we want something different, and Atelier Mass came up with proposals, solutions very well thought out that in the end fulfilled our wishes completely. I was particularly impressed with the implementation…