Installation for music festival

For our first collaborations with Summer Well festival, we are bringing back the playful experience of a tree house from where you can overlook the festival grounds and the impressive view of the lake or simply relax and gaze at the sky.

We created a floating dynamic object surrounded by a geometric haze as like a cloud in the trees. The wooden platform rests discreetly on the surrounding trees, hovering three meters above the ground. The only element connecting it to the ground is the volume of the stairs.  Up in the canopy, the “cloud” is generated by a light-independent structure made of aluminum tubes and suspended with cables. A series of vapor diffusers create a refreshing and mist creating it’s on cool microclimate in the torrid midsummer day. At night the lighting systems creates an orange hallow effect.  

During the day, the structure stands out from its surroundings, bringing into light the beauty of the area. In this sense, once you are up, the platform acts as an invitation to visual exploration and relaxation.


STATUS: completed

LOCATION: Domeniul Stirbey, Buftea (RO)

YEAR: 2018

COLLABORATORS: Marius Șofltete (structural engineer)