private museum extension

The new buildings emphasize the spacious quality of the landscape by maintaining the small scale and isolated character of the buildings that make up the existing complex scattered freely about the park. The proposal minimizes its impact on the green spaces in respect of their environmental quality. The building’s footprint covers mainly the existing gravel in front of the manor.

The layout of the new museum building strengthens the linear composition along the N-S axis that also defines the park. The main body of the extension reiterates in an archetypal iconic volume the old manor performing a formal dialogue between the two.

The new building (containing the main access) and the old one (the ending of the visitor’s route) outline the museum esplanade, a “classical” courtyard, a horizontal surface able to host a number of activities. Numerous circular glass tiles encased in the pavement, a large central underground patio and two water-covered skylights along the main façade create a discrete setting for the public space, changing its character in the evening.

The symmetry of the functional layout provides serenity, clear orientations and order. Generous horizontal spaces assemble into a classical composition through contemporary architecture.


PROGRAM: museum
STATUS: competition
SURFACE: 4000 sqm
LOCATION: Maanttaa (FI)
YEAR: 2011