interior design

This project occupies the entire ground floor of a socialist housing unit, actually comprising two former public facilities (gym/grocery store). It aims to capture conceptually the virtual environments full of stimulus in which most of this company’s work develops (video games), so the office space would become an extension of that, full of diversity and playfulness. There are 100+ workplaces. All compartments have been rebuilt, all heating/cooling and electrical systems have been done from scratch and according to the new layout. The electrical system is a masterclass of organizing and rigorous execution following the color codes associated to the different circuits – and it was done by the company themselves.

Different spaces for reception/work/relax/eating have different characters apparent in the flooring chromatic, details and features of the interior. The lack of natural light is compensated with the use of lighting fixtures assorted to their respective position within the space and the atmosphere it provides.


PROGRAM: interior design

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 800 qm

LOCATION: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

YEAR: 2020

COLLABORATORS: Construction: Klutz, Floors: Construma, Furniture: Cadoro Mobili, Front desk: Nurb, Printed curtains: Young Media, Lights: Unique/Eglo/Energobit, Wiring: Quantic


PHOTO: Lieven Gouwy