cafe/bar/bistro interior design

The project is the fortunate result of implication and good dialogue between client-architect-contractor. The initial concept of papillon (butterfly) introduced by the clients didn’t contain any visual reference, just an identity they have become attached to, and an idea about potential customers – “people like us”, which meant a relaxed and fresh atmosphere.

The butterfly turned into an alternative interpretation of abstract geometric shapes, and much of the work was done with very basic methods and materials (drywall system for the white structures, low-cost d.i.y. lighting system etc.).

The expression is broadened by the mural paintings done by the two local artists, that help to dissimulate the spatial boundaries and create a slightly dreamlike feeling.


PROGRAM: furniture layout and design, bathroom, lighting and other accessories

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 100 sqm


YEAR: 2011

COLLABORATORS: Alina Bradu, Raluca Buzura

FOTO: Dacian Groza