interior design of 1930s apartment

The two apartments are next to each other and they take up the entire top floor of an unremarkable, but nice 1930s house. The client intends to use it as a protocol accommodation or for rent, so the design had to be eye-catching but still rational and without excesses. There were a few modifications in partitioning to create a better distribution of the spaces for the 2nd bedroom, modify the bathrooms etc. The kitchen was opened up and became part of a warm and welcoming living room, separated by a custom-built counter covered in microcement with painted glass top. Most of the furniture are ready-made items from a variety of sources. The tiles were brought from France. The new herringbone floor was made from oak by a Bucharest company. Where it was possible we left the old brickwork exposed and painted white for a dramatic effect.


PROGRAM: interior design for a 2-bedroom and a 1-bedroom apartment in a 1930s building

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 140 sqm


YEAR: 2017

COLLABORATORS: general contractor: AC Baustelle (Florin Muresan)