The new footbridge is intended as a slender single span structure, whose transparent, symetrical profile creates a technological contrast with the late 19th century iron bridge without obscuring it and dimming its relevance as a dominant urban landmark.

The shape of the bridge and cables makes visual reference of a certain structure very much at home here, and a symbol of the area: that of the grapevine with its supporting stakes and wire.

Functionally the 2,5 meters wide bicycle track is restricted to one of the two 4.00 m wide runways, while pedestrians can use both. In the middle section of the bridge the bridge is at its highest and the runways connect, creating a large elevated platform with fixed and mobile seating, bike parking being also possible. We imagined this as an urban observation deck, an intemediate hub on top of the river, which underlines the significance of the river through and inside the city and being in the middle avows the true connection between the two parts of the city – Tabor and Lent.

Leaving the bank in two different spots the new bridge embraces the pier of the former one, setting it inside a protected precint in relation with the new design of the quai. We think of it as a minimal relic, to be kept
integral, restored and emphasized as a special feature of the promenade. This embracing also creates a widening of the structure towards the abutments which improves its lateral stability.


PROGRAM: footbridge across the Drava
STATUS: competition
SURFACE: 1000 sqm
LOCATION: Maribor (SI)
YEAR: 2010
CO-AUTHORS: Daniel Şerban