coffee shop interior

A new place in Cluj, that already has a well established community of creative people around it, meeting, discussing, relaxing while enjoying a high quality coffee. The owners, a young couple, had to move from the former location and considered making an improvement in the design of the new place. Still, a few representative elements from the former place were kept in the new design: the La_Marzocco coffee machine, the Reborn bicycle and the black box effect of the space in order to highlight the most important thing, the people using the coffee shop. In addition to this, the shops’ functionality in a restrictive and confined place was solved by two interventions. First one, a back wall which separates the bathroom and the dish washing sink and offers a support for the suspended bicycle. The second one, the bar itself which separates the TO GO zone and TO STAY zone and also stands as a pedestal for the coffee machine. Beside the TO GO zone, the fixing place and the roasted coffee packages are exhibited in a shelf by the wall. The original floor paint was kept because of it’s vivid usage and, in contrast to it, the acacia wood bar warms up the place.

PROGRAM: interior space refurbishment, furniture

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 17 sqm


YEAR: 2017

COLLABORATORS: Concept collaborator: Vlad Sulea, Furniture: Florin Brățan, Bicicle: Reborn bicycles

PHOTO: Andrei Mărgulescu