Europan XI

The hierarchy and character of the open spaces and the functional programme changes from intensively public to more and more private as the project unfolds from the busy Kossuth Lajos street to the quiet residential quarters on the back streets. The former corner building is transformed inside and outside to accommodate public service activities, such as tourist info point, offices and a restaurant. Conceptually the building becomes an entrance pavilion for the entire complex and especially visitors to the city using the P&R.

The largest building is the park&ride facility, that also acts as a limit of the public plaza to the west and with a strong urban presence at the front. Inside, the parking is penetrated vertically by greenhouses that bring light, fresh air and a pleasant ambient quality to the otherwise dull infrastructural feeling. The ground floor facing the plaza and Puskás street is occupied by a shopping and entertainment centre. Offices on the front, over the entire height of the building, offer a more urbanistically suitable function. The roof provides excellent setting for a miniature residential neighbourhood of terraced houses and duplexes, each with their own greenhouse arranged along a private alley.

The old industrial hall receives cultural functions, such as cinema, a small mediatheque, multifunctional hall for theater, concerts, festivals, fairs etc. Above the platform there is a two-storey elongated museum facility that also houses travelling exhibitions and reinforces the northern front of the plaza.

Housing is provided in a square block around a closed semi-private courtyard with a very familiar character, similar in feeling and proportions to the neighbouring context. The apartments are stacked over a ground floor of commercial and rental office spaces that open onto Szatymazi and Puskás street.


PROGRAM: park&ride, housing, museum, cultural facilities
STATUS: competition
SURFACE: 50.000 sqm
YEAR: 2011
CO-AUTHORS: Kiss Zoltán, Keresztúri Barna