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Deco Center, the owner of Mendola Fabrics brand has decided to organize a very representative hi-class event, that would last one evening in late September, to present their new and accustomed products to their partners, clients and other collaborators from the country and from abroad as well. They set us a very ambitious plan to create a visually striking scenery that would frame the activities which included a dance performance, projections, cocktail and of course a standing dinner. In the meantime visitors would walk among the displayed textiles: four installations that had to suggest the source of inspiration for the four trends into which all of the Mendola catalog is devised – Dreamer World, Jungle Follies, Cultural Melange and Infinity Graph Mood.

We were definitely inspired by the concept and the trends’ poetic name and drafted, built prototypes and made detailed projects for them. The installations are as follows: Dreamer World with mirrors like a kaleidoscope, Jungle Follies with paper leaves covered in fabric, Cultural Melange an artificial topography and Infinity Graph Mood an abstract, seemingly continuous strip of material randomly twisting and turning up and down in the air.

Finally there’s the display at the entrance to the event, which are also strips of textiles in a rainbow arrangement with letters D-E-C-O-D-A-Y-S overlayed in white fabric.

All of the furniture pieces and other hardware is intended to be reused at the Deco Center facilities and future events. The weather was kind to us and the party was a huge success!


PROGRAM: overall presentation and four installations representing the textile trends of the company

STATUS: completed


YEAR: 2017

COLLABORATORS: branding-Bence Makkai/Vizualitas Studio; photo-Chris Nemes