facelift interior design

The young couple owners of this apartment wished for a massive restructure of their place. It is a two-room apartment where they needed to create actually three rooms. It’s important to make your home according to your style of living. In this case the owners decided that they would rather have a spare room then a separate room for the kitchen. In the former kitchen they needed an office area and a large bookcase. This room also needs to work as a guest bedroom.

In a small apartment storage is a crucial element.The main idea was to gather in the center of the apartment most of that functionality. So we designed a complex cabinet system that gathered the kitchen, the media storage for the living room, the wardrobe in the hallway and the bedroom storage. We tried to maximize storage by going up to the ceiling or going around the doors.

The color scheme was kept simple using white and dark gray with some yellow accents. Everything is small but well organized. The unification of the living room is made by adding the lamps assorted to the two areas – the living room area and the dining room area.


PROGRAM: functional modifications, new finishes, new furniture, new look

STATUS: completed

SURFACE: 60 sqm


YEAR: 2016