two birdhouses

The Butucuib (Lognest) was born through an invitation to create a birds nest in a fundraising project called Case Ciripite. This project was initiated by De-a Arhitectura NGO in partnership with Societatea Ornitologica Română in order to sustain the introduction in the scholar curriculum of a  course of architecture and built environment for children.

The Butucuib (Lognest) is a piece of firewood saved from the flames and turned into a nest for two bird’s families. They’re new sweet home is actually a part of a tree that they are familiar with, oak – an aesthetic and very resistant wood.

The process of building them had changed the initial intention of making two nests out of one log. Two logs were used instead. A part inside of the one log was cut out at a CNC in order to accommodate a nuthatch family. Another log’s shell was cut out in order to create the second nest for a tufted tit family.

They were hanged in the trees by metal cables covered with protection foam in order not to hurt the branches.

The Butucuib was bought by Velux. At the beginning of 2015 it was mounted in the trees of the Botanical Garden in Bucharest.


STATUS: completed

YEAR: 2014


  • completed


  • 2014