rehabilitation of 1930s cultural palace

Considering this building’s tumultuous past, it’s value is not necessarily it’s architectural quality but it’s role of a cultural landmark for locals and for the early modernist period. The proposal seeks to reuse the representative existing spaces and displays this new phase of existence with simple, but expressive materials and volumetric, that build on the modernist tradition.

The existing entrance is unified as a single space that commands all other functions directly and favourably. The main performance hall is multifunctional par excellence and is intended to host a series of activities with different layouts: 380-seat theatre, concerts, exhibitions, arts&crafts fairs etc. The new roof system is entirely adaptable to the event inside, while the sheds also express the new cultural function on the fa├žades. The roof sits on a metallic structure in front on the old brickwork, and is covered with a mesh that doesn’t hide the brick, yet it holds a new esthetic.


PROGRAM: multifunctional hall, lobby, functional reorganization
STATUS: competition – honourable mention
SURFACE: 3000 sqm
YEAR: 2011