temporary design at former Cultural Palace

After a fire and many years of neglect, TransilvaniaFest has successfully reinstated this building’s original function as a performance hall, even if only temporarily. The main constraints of design were the extremely low budget and that all used materials had to be recycled at the end. So the focus was on the contrast between the interventions and the existing structure: new elements were raised and detached from the walls, this juxtaposition emphasized by the lighting.

Near the entrance a small exhibition was held with projects sent for the rehabilitation competition that ran in parallel with the Fest. The path leading to the open-air platform goes past the two kinetic installations that give depth and dynamism, and even interactivity to the event.

The complex object of the platform is made up of three parts: the folded „stage” – space for tables – the vertical element of the „tower”. The „stage” holds collateral events to the formal dinner, a quartet concert and a theatre play. The „tower” works as a periscope to catch a view of plants grown in the balcony and it gives the intervention a spatial quality. The three-parted object creates a new space for the dinner, calm and open to the sky. The projection over the ruined stage continues the same theme of abstract geometry and white light.


PROGRAM: event TransilvaniaFest
STATUS: completed
SURFACE: 100 sqm
YEAR: 2011
Ioan Mihai Baba, Alexandra Suciu
FOTO: Victor Mech, Silviu Aldea
VIDEO: Dorin Moldoveanu