expo stand

This little structure has been designed to attract interest when the Tora company participates at exhibitions, job fairs, IT symposiums etc. These events are generally loud, busy, even hectic, so we had the ambition to create in just 2×3 meters a cozy relaxing corner that would also look beautiful, where people would not only come to get familiar with Tora, but also just to take a short break. We had to incorporate the company’s logo, use natural materials as much as possible and make the whole structure possible to reassemble several times.

So the visual idea was to deconstruct the tiger logo into an image of industry-specific programming code (actually written specifically for this project by Tora R&D department). The very technical and abstract graphic quality of the code put aside the naturalistic image of the tiger pattern creates an intriguing tension. Those two images are printed in stripes on opposing faces of the zig-zag panels, so you can visually reassemble one image either looking from the left, or the right.

We chose large plants with long, flowing leaves to create a ‘jungle’ feeling, the home of the tiger and something very different to the kind of places this pavilion will be used. To offer this contradiction is the whole point of the project.


  • reusable pavilion for exhibitions/fairs


  • completed


  • 6 sqm


  • 2016


  • wood construction-Policonstructii, Cluj; prints & beanbags-Young Media, Cluj; transparent table-Pretext, Cluj; plants-Nea Garden, Cluj; chair & accessories-Ikea